Eng 122 - Sor Juana in English

Eng 122 - Sor Juana in English - Notes Story of St...

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Notes Story of St Catherine is that she is Christian but refuses to not be Christian when the Romans come Second document pages 4-6 Written by a Catholic nun o Seems before her time but really is not actually tremendous amount of women writing similar in the Catholic church at this time writing very pro-women within a religious and secular tradition Poem not written for religious consumption but still can see that author is taking on and playing with ideas of sin and guilt and where the ideas come from and the correct way to punish them Couple spots where the sequence in Spanish A B B A Shakespeare uses Lucretia; Titus, a god, is involved Seems like the feminist movement is already occurring when we thought it took place much later in America “she who sins for need of payment or he who pays for his pleasure” o Making the prostitute look like a bad person but making the person making payment look bad as well o Which is worse? Prostitute or person that makes prostitution a viable industry Payer maybe, b/c prostitute may be trying to make ends meet and survive while the other is using her for his sexual enjoyment there wouldn’t be prostitutions and prostitutes without someone willing to pay for the service She gives us initial theme in the very first stanza Mirror wants it to be clear and shape her one way but then expects her to be different in the end “if you’re the one blowing on the glass you can’t complain when you can’t see” (Bigelow) Language is hard to get through if not speakers of Spain Spanish b/c verb forms that are used aren’t used now in Latin America anymore which makes it a little more difficult and awkward in some of the translation Repetition of the sin razon, sin ver que, etc several things happen with absent mindedness?? First document (317 appears below) What makes first part great is that it gives us two ways of reading the poem o Real smart progression in groups of four parts of the Nile that fertilize the land down to a particular genealogy of women religious One hand is a beautiful song we can appreciate just for sound but then through the Spanish language you can understand and appreciate some of the genealogy Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz (316) on handout o
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Eng 122 - Sor Juana in English - Notes Story of St...

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