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Ernest Gaines - Bloodline - Paper 2 Notes

Ernest Gaines - Bloodline - Paper 2 Notes - Ernest Gaines...

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Ernest Gaines “Bloodline” “Masterful use of viewpoint and narrative voice” voice was big part of Gaines’s work o accurate influential ability to effectively use authentic rural Southern black speech patterns Careful structure of individual stories around a central theme o “five stories create a unified artistic whole” o Unifying elements Progressively older narrators and characters in each story from Long Day to Just Like a Tree Take place on same day in and around Bayonne, Louisiana William Burke stated it as “a symbolic story of the South – and America – from the experiences and point of view of its black citizenry.” Of the short stories, “A Long Dday in November” and “The Sky is Gray” are more often praised and given attention a powerful evocation of the struggles of blacks in the rural South in the century following the Civil  War” Two better known stories narrated by children
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