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Eng 122 Presentation - Anne Bradstreet

Eng 122 Presentation - Anne Bradstreet - what she is doing...

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Presentation: The Tenth Muse Anne Bradstreet Considered by many as the first poet Family was part of nonconformist Puritan group that planned the settlement of Massachusetts Bay colony The Author of Her Book o Selection for analysis o Implied ideas within the text? In first half seems almost embarrassed by her work “rambling brat” Brother published Bradstreet’s work o Anything strikes you as interesting? o What are you opinions on Bradstreet’s style of writing? “I stretched thy joints to make thee even feet” a word made flesh Talking about how bad her poetry is but punning on word choice and kind of winking at her readers hinting that she does know
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Unformatted text preview: what she is doing o Appreciates what ministers are telling her but she just watched everything she owned go up in flames and has nothing else now so it’s hard for her to take what they are saying wholeheartedly • Later poems are what she is known for now more about intimate relationship with her husband o Contrast to Taylor is that she is very direct and there’s no erotic roundabout she’s very clear on her meaning and intentions • Different relationship to her religious tradition due to the above mentioned occurrence of losing almost all her material possessions...
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