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Chapter 3 - C hapter 3 New Orleans Brass Bands heavy...

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Chapter 3- New Orleans Brass Bands- heavy emphasis on brass instruments Quadroon Balls-socials gatherings begun in 1805 where white men came to select black mistresses Congo Square o Once used for slave auctions o Using African drums and stringed instruments, hundreds of slaves would play o White spectators would stand and watch 1. Uptown and Downtown Downtown Creoles o Lighter skin and more education than their uptown counterparts o Took pride in instrumental skill Uptown Blacks o Likely to have been descendants of former slaves o Few opportunities o Emphasized improvisation, memorization, and preset routines 2. Storyville-melding of uptown and downtown musical cultures- notorious red light district of the early nineteenth century. Established in 1987 Got its name from Sidney Story, a city councilman who originally proposed legalizing prostitution 1917- Navy issues ban on prostitution within five miles of military sites, effectively closing storyville
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