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Chapter 11 - C hapter 11 Black Bands Chapter 11 B lack...

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Chapter 11- Black Bands Chapter 11 Black Bands o Many bands toured country by rail and often traveled long distances between gigs over long weeks Forced them to not make usual rural stops o black bands were forced to play in South where physical violence threat loomed o black musicians forced to sit in Jim Crow car – stuffy soot-filled compartment behind engine o Fletcher Henderson Benny Goodman used Henderson’s music to rise to stardom Henderson’s approach to big band became primary model for many swing arrangers Didn’t manage bands effectively or discipline sidemen well so not as successful as could’ve been – music wasn’t as refined as could’ve been Key arrangements “King Porter Stomp” “Down South Camp Meeting” and “Wrappin’ It Up” “Christopher Columbus” 1936 often opened at Grand Terrace Ballroom in Chicago o Benny Goodman Rehearsed band relentlessly Clean exciting performances of Henderson’s music thus Henderson’s band almost seemed to be sloppy imitation of Goodman’s band o Swing Style
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