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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - Influenced Goodman’s conception of the...

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Chapter 13- White Bands The Studios o Lucrative way to make money during the Great Depression  o Had to be able to produce a classical tone and read the music perfectly on sight o Denied to black musicians o Produced differences between the white and black musicians 1 st  – because of excellent studio pay, the white musicians would play “hot  music” for their own pleasure rather than for financial need 2 nd - the studio artists brought European based performance techniques  with them when they moved to swing 3 rd - sidemen were more often note reading veterans Therefore, white bands did not produce as many distinguished  jazz soloists as black bands Benny Goodman- “King of Swing” (controversial) o Moved to NY in 1926 o Played clarinet o Played with the Austin High School Gang before leaving Chicago  o Jimmie Noone  Played with Bessie Smith
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Unformatted text preview: Influenced Goodman’s conception of the clarinet as a jazz instrument • Benny Goodman and His Swing Band o 3 key ingredients The arrangements of black musicians Fletcher Henderson, Jimmy Mundy, and Edgar Sampson The extroverted, crowd pleasing drumming of Gene Krupa And a succession of outstanding trumpet players o Bunny Berigan Goodman sideman Most creative white trumpet soloist of the swing era o Ziggy Elman Trumpeter o Harry James Trumpeter o The band played at New York’s Paramount Theater • Artie Shaw o Benny Goodman’s chief rival o Clarinetist and Band leader o “Begin the Beguine” Perfect marriage of hot and sweet elements Took Shaw to stardom • A Jazz Standard: “Cherokee” o Ray Nobles “Cherokee” , recorded by Charlie Barnett • Charlie Barnett 1913-1991 o Tenor saxophonist Admired black bands of Duke Ellington and Count Basie...
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Chapter 13 - Influenced Goodman’s conception of the...

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