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Tammy Estevez Understanding Moral Problems May 27, 2010 Ayn Rand, Anthem Summary Anthem is written in the form of a journal. A twenty-one year old man by the name of Equality 7-2521 states that what he is writing in this journal is considered a sin in his society because it is something he is executing without the involvement of others. He states that there is a crime far more worse than writing in this journal, but does not elaborate on it yet. Equality 7-2521 recounts the day he finds an iron grill buried beneath weeds and papers blown from a nearby theatre. He is able to find this grill because he works as a street sweeper along with another street sweeper called International 4- 8818. Pulling the grill out of the ground reveals a series of stairs leading to a dark chamber below and although skeptical, Equality goes down to explore it and finds an abandoned tunnel dating back from the Unmentionable Times, a period that existed prior to the current collectivist state. Equality convinces the other sweeper not to report the tunnel to the council and proceeds to visit this tunnel every night after that. On his own for two whole years, he performs experiments and steals manuscripts from the Scholars so that he can expand his knowledge. Sometime in between all of this, Equality notices a woman in a nearby field as he sweeps the streets. The Collectivist State forbids men to take notice of women and vice versa, but Equality cannot help his immediate attraction to her. Her name is Liberty 5-3000 but he comes to know her as “the Golden One”. They begin to greet each other with their eyes but Equality soon realizes that he committing a crime as men and women are only supposed to think of each other during mating season. They eventually
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undermoral7 - Tammy Estevez Understanding Moral Problems...

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