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152 exam1 book study guide

152 exam1 book study guide - • Assessing persuasive...

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CMN 152 EXAM 1 ASSIGNED READING STUDY GUIDE The following study guide lists chapter sections you may want to focus on when preparing for the exam. Regardless of what is listed here, all assigned reading is fair game for exam item content. Chapter 1 Common features of paradigm cases of persuasion, pp3-5 Encouraging attitude-consistent behavior (3 strategies), pp20-23
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Unformatted text preview: • Assessing persuasive effects (attitude change, beyond attitudes, & persuasive effects), pp23-26 Chapter 2 • Influences on attitude function, pp35-37 • Persuasion function matching, pp37-40 • Utilitarian and value-expressive functions reconsidered, pp45-46...
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