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ELM and HSM q and a

ELM and HSM q and a - message advocating a vegetarian...

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ELM/HSM Questions (correct answers are underlined) 1. When people take part in low levels of elaboration while reading a message, their resulting attitude is based upon: A) Application of the sufficiency principle B) Their need for cognition C) Whether they have predominantly favorable or unfavorable thoughts about the attitude object featured in the message D) Any simple judgment cues that can be inferred from the message content or the message source 2. Doris is high in need for cognition. She reads a
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Unformatted text preview: message advocating a vegetarian lifestyle. Doris believes that the message was written by an expert on nutrition. The message consists of weak arguments. According to ELM/HSM, Doris is likely to: A) Have predominantly unfavorable thoughts concerning the message B) Have predominantly favorable thoughts concerning the message C) Perceive a large discrepancy between actual judgment confidence and desired judgment confidence D) Not enough information to determine processing outcomes...
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