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Exam 1 practice questions set 2

Exam 1 practice questions set 2 - characteristic curve a...

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PRACTICE QUESTIONS EXAM 1 CMN 152 1. Harvey is debating with a friend about the problem of homelessness. Harvey told his friend, “My opinions about the homeless are based on my moral beliefs concerning how things should be.” Harvey’s attitude toward the homeless serves which function? a) Utilitarian b) Value-expressive c) Knowledge d) Object appraisal e) Not enough information to determine function 2. One method for attempting to change attitudes that serve the _____________ function is to make a new aspect of the target’s self appear more appropriate. a) Object appraisal b) Ego-defensive c) Value-expressive d) Social-adjustive 3. Which attitude measures have the same ideal operating curve (or item
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Unformatted text preview: characteristic curve)? a) Thurstone and Semantic Differential b) Likert and Guttman c) Thurstone and Guttman d) Likert and Semantic Differential e) None of the above 4. Which type of measure can help deal with social desirability issues? a) Indirect measure b) Ratio level measures c) Stimulus first measures d) Measures with a linear ideal operating curve 5. According to social judgment theory people high in ego-involvement will have: a) Smaller latitudes of acceptance and rejection b) Smaller latitudes of noncommitment and rejection c) Smaller latitudes of noncommitment and acceptance d) Smaller latitude of rejection but larger latitude of acceptance...
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