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MESSAGE FEATURES review q and a

MESSAGE FEATURES review q and a - voting is useless.”...

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MESSAGE FEATURES QUESTIONS (answers are underlined) 1. When employing evidence in a persuasive message, which type of evidence presentation is most effective? A) Narratives B) Statistics C) Both narratives and statistics together 2. Nate wants to encourage his friend Pete to vote. Nate’s persuasive attempt (or message) is as follows: “Pete, you should register to vote. Voting is an important right and allows you to have a voice. Some people think
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Unformatted text preview: voting is useless.” Nate’s message is: A) One-sided B) Non refutational C) Refutational 3. According to the extended parallel process model (EPPM) what 2 processes can people take part in when exposed to a fear inducing message? A) response efficacy and self efficacy B) response efficacy and fear control C) danger control and response efficacy D) danger control and fear control E) fear control and self efficacy...
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