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H25 - 6 To meet the defense needs of the empire Problems...

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The Crisis of the Third Century Vandals 1. From Eastern Germany, a tribe known as the Vandals pushed southward. 2. They are best known for their sack of Rome in 455 BCE. Civil Unrest 1. To pay for the extensive army emperors began debasing coins. Diocletian 1. The reigns of Diocletian 284-305CE and Constantine 306-337 CE marked an era of reconstruction and organization. 2. Diocletian concluded that ruling the entire empire was too great for one man. He therefore devised a new administrative system. 3. Tetrarchy- A division of territorial responsibility for the empire among four men: two emperors and two assistants who were designated their successors. 4. Diocletian staffed the imperial bureaucracy with the best available talent. 5. Reorganized provinces into smaller districts supervised by more officials.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. To meet the defense needs of the empire. Problems with Succession 1. In 305 Diocletian retired Constantinople 1. Constantine moved the capital of the empire to a new city called Constantinople (Istanbul) at the site of the ancient Greek city Byzantium. 2. Its strategic location was excellent but it prepared the way for the empire’s split into eastern and western halves. 3. The city was surrounded on three sides by water and was easily defended. 4. It also enabled the emperor to stay in close touch with the endangered eastern and northern frontiers. Constantine 1. In 313CE, Constantine issued the Edict of Milan which proclaimed religious tolerance throughout the empire. 2. He was the first Christian Roman Emperor and under him Christianity rises to prominence....
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H25 - 6 To meet the defense needs of the empire Problems...

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