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Chapter 3 Proteins Protein structure (pages 125- 148; figures 3-1 to 3-28, 3-35) 1. The Shape and structure of proteins a. The shape of a protein is specified by its amino acid sequence. A protein is a molecule made from a long chain of amino acids liked by peptide bonds. i. primary structure – sequence of amino acids; peptide bond ii. secondary structures – α -helix and β -sheet; hydrogen bonds iii. tertiary structure – noncovalent bonds; folding of proteins into a conformation of lowest energy iv. quaternary structure – noncovalent bonds b. The polypeptide backbone is made of the amino acid parts involved in making the peptide bonds. The side chains give the amino acids unique characteristics. 2. Protein domain arrangements (module): a protein domain is a substructure produced by any part of a polypeptide chain that can fold independently into a compact, stable structure. - “In-line” – e.g. fibronectin type I, immunoglobulin: can be linked in series to form extended structures - “plug-in” – e.g. SH2 domain, kringle: have their N- and C- termini close together and may be accomidated into a second protein. 3. Proteins can be classified into many families: A protein’s structure can be modified after evolution to gain new functions. This was sped up when genes were duplicated and diverged. The 3-d Conformations and their amino acid sequences match up very closely. The structure of members of a
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Outline - Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Proteins Protein structure...

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