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Midterm Letter - Farrah Vijayan 1234 Rutgers University...

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1234 Rutgers University Lane Piscataway, NJ, 12345 October 2, 2010 Negative Impact of Overcrowding in Computer Labs on Student Work Habits Dear Patron , Campus computer labs offer an effective learning environment to students who may otherwise not have one. Although many student own their own printers and computers, it is sometimes much more convenient to use these labs provided to us by the university because it offers an environment that may be less distracting than a student’s dorm room or apartment. However, in a university of more than 52,000 students, how could one expect these facilities to not become overcrowded. Therefore, I believe it to be rather important that certain measures be taken to ensure that these campus facilities do not fall subject to overcrowding, which ultimately affects the academic growth of students who use them. In our present setting, computers play various roles in the education of college students, including classroom teaching and learning experiences, administration, teacher training, and planning and development of educational material and general communications (Palmer, 2000, 143). Although there are various labs offered throughout Rutgers University, I will focus my study on the ARC computer lab on Busch Campus. I believe that this lab is the most frequented, considering that the Busch Campus houses 46 academic buildings as well as 18 residence halls. Furthermore, unlike some of the other computer labs on campus, the ARC lab is open to students of all majors, further explaining the volume that it experiences. What exactly is wrong with this computer lab? Often, when students visit this computer lab, they find themselves floating around the room, looking for an available computer. The ARC computer lab is one of the busiest and most congested locations on Busch campus. Students do not only visit this building for the usage of the lab, but also to attend various classes. Therefore, this computer lab serves as a useful outlet to utilize downtime. Although there are currently sixty-three terminals available for use, finding one that is unoccupied at certain times during the day can be difficult. The extreme volumes that the lab experiences cause a large amount of traffic between the printing and scanning stations, and the computer terminals, typically leaving little to no computers free. Not wanting to wait or deal with the hassle, students are commonly deterred from even using the lab at all. Although the lab is open 7 days a week, the congestion that the lab experiences usually occurs during the 5 day period when students have class. Furthermore, primary research indicates that the peak volume that the lab experiences occurs from 12:00-3:00. Therefore, the obvious solution would be to visit these labs only before or after this hectic
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This note was uploaded on 03/24/2011 for the course ENGLISH 540 taught by Professor Luxhoj during the Spring '11 term at Rutgers.

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Midterm Letter - Farrah Vijayan 1234 Rutgers University...

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