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SciTech final Paper - INTRODUCTION Allison Road Classroom...

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Allison Road Classroom Building The Allison Road Classroom Building, located on 618 Allison Road, Piscataway, New Jersey, was built roughly a decade ago. This building’s primary purpose was to serve as a building to support programs in computer services and mathematics for Rutgers students as well as the outside community. Furthermore, it is the home of the Math and Science Learning Center, which offers direct support services for undergraduate students in mathematics and the sciences. This building covers an area of 53,000-square feet, featuring a 500-seat auditorium, 15 classrooms ranging from 20 to 75 seats, 20 offices for physics graduate students; and a high-tech computer laboratory suite with 204 terminals, making it the largest computer facility on the New Brunswick campus. The main computer lab is over 1200 square feet in area and has 63 computer terminals available for use. Each computer is equipped with an array of scientific and mathematical software applications that are used on the professional level and are incorporated into the various learning curriculums. Therefore, these labs are readily used by students who need to use these programs but may not have the means of installing these programs onto their own personal computers. This lab also offers four large industrial grade printers that are accessible to students through the mere swipe of one’s RUID, therefore making ARC an ideal place to quickly print out assignments or documents that are needed for class. Some argue that the role of computer labs on college campuses is quickly deteriorating with advancements in technology and Wi-Fi capabilities. However, the volumes that our computer labs experience suggest otherwise. A study conducted by the Association of Higher Education shows that in the process for applying to or considering application to a given institution, prospective students generally regarded campus facilities as extremely important, placing higher precedence on these facilities than on the residence halls in which they may live (Williams, 2006). These facilities offer students technology that is often expensive and not readily available. While many students own their own laptops, students rely on the computer labs for their high powered processors and expensive software (Carnevale, 2006). Overcrowding in the Computer Lab The ARC computer lab is one of the two computer labs on the Busch Campus that is open to students of all disciplines. Due to its prime location, students rely on this facility to access the internet in between classes, to utilize the software installed on these computers, or to quickly print information needed for their next class. Taking into consideration that many students have classes held in ARC, it becomes clear how this lab may experience large volumes of students. 1
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SciTech final Paper - INTRODUCTION Allison Road Classroom...

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