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540:304 Manufacturing Processes Laboratory Spring 2011 Laboratory Report 02 Tensile Testing By Farrah Vijayan February 14, 2011
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Lab 02: Tensile Test Introduction: Tension tests are used to test a material’s strengths in order to determine the uses of a given material. A pulling force is applied to a material at both ends until the material fractures. This test provides a lot of valuable information pertaining to a given material such as its yield point, ultimate tensile strength, and modulus of elasticity. In this lab, a tensile test was performed on two separate materials, AL2024 and Al6061. Objective : Study the mechanical properties of the materials through uniaxial tension tests. Plot the Engineering Stress-Strain graph for the respective materials Plot the True Stress-True Strain graph for the respective materials Identify the yield point, elastic deformation zone, uniform plastic deformation point, necking point, non-uniform plastic deformation zone, ultimate tensile
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manufacturing_lab_2 - 540:304 Manufacturing Processes...

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