SESTINA - That they would be together through their golden...

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Farrah Vijayan Period 9 AP ENGLISH There once was a girl Who fell in love with a boy. They’ve been together for years And have been happy the whole time. But fear is rushing forward with the advancement of summer The warmth that it brings, as well as the beginnings of ends. They’ve known each other for 15 years But barely talked the whole time. But that part of the story ends. She joined a team at the end of the summer That brought her that much closer to the boy, The boy that made her feel like she was the only girl For him. To her, he was just a boy Whom she found herself in love with, and had never thought of him through all the years, Until now. He knew much about her, and looked past the time Where her reputation had been tampered with. He thought of the girl And how she had brung him to the ends Of the earth. By the time that they had reached summer History had been made. They had made it through the summer. She was the girl Who had captivated this boy. They both wished that their love would reach all ends
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Unformatted text preview: That they would be together through their golden years But all they needed was the time Their senior year, they witnessed many ends The end of many relationships that too spanned the summer She knew that he was the only one that made her feel like she was the most beautiful girl Making her heart sink at the mere thought of this boy. But anxiety filled the mind of her as time had passed. She did not want this to be the end of their years The end of high school is a very scary time Where graduation and prom and senior events wrap up all the loose ends The kids are excited with the taste of summer Anxious to experience the upcoming years This is the fear that overwhelms the girl To live her next few years without this boy But this boy and girl have made it for 2 and a half years Never thinking about the time and years that have past Consumed by the taste of summer and their love that reaches all ends...
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SESTINA - That they would be together through their golden...

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