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CS132 Discussion Section Discussion sections are must , not an option. All students have to attend all discussion sections. We will use discussion sections for the following. (1) Exam and homework related activities. a. We will go over homework questions and solve some of them during discussion sections. b. We will go over some of the exam questions during the discussion sections (of course, after the exam, not before). c. We will ask you to check grading errors during discussion sections.
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Unformatted text preview: (2) Lecture related activities a. We will go over topics that you have questions about. b. We will take questions from students regarding the topics covered in lectures. (3) Make up lectures a. When lectures are canceled, we will do make up lectures using discussion sections. (4) pop up quizzes a. We may (or may not) do pop up quizzes during discussion sections. 1...
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