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CS 132 Exam/Quiz Instructions (1) Students in different rows: different versions of exam. (2) Write your name and ID # on an attendance list (just once). (3) Write your name and ID # on each page of your exam. (4) Use pen. We will provide you ample space to write your solutions. Make sure you clearly indicate which solutions are to be graded, and which are a memo. (Cross out memos.) You may use pencil, but if you use pencil, we will not re-grade your exam. (5) No student is allowed to leave early. (6) Exams will be returned approximately in a week. (7) We will dedicate one discussion section (per exam) for you to check grades. Become familiar with the solutions, and bring a copy of the solutions to the discussion section. We will return the exams at the beginning of the discussion section. (So, do not be
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Unformatted text preview: late.) You will be asked to examine grades, and if there is a grading error, you need to see either the instructor or one of the TAs in person during the discussion section. Explain your claim verbally, also write down your claims, staple it to your exam, turn in your exam during the discussion section. Note that you must meet one of us in person and verbally explain your claims. You must return the exam before you leave the discussion section (regardless of whether you claim grading errors or not). No students are allowed to take exams out of the discussion section. All exams must be returned before the discussion section ends....
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