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ECS 152A Computer Networks Instructor: Liu Name: Student ID #: Mid Exam: Duration: 50 Minutes 1. The exam is closed book. However, you may refer to one sheet of A4 paper (double sided) of your own notes. 2. Try to solve as many as can. 3. Be brief. 4. Show your reasoning clearly. If your reasoning is correct, but the final answer is wrong, you will receive most of the credit. 5. Write your solution on this paper. If you need extra paper, use plain white paper. Write your name on any extra paper. Good Luck! Do not write in this box. Question 1 2 3 4 Total Points 1
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1. True or False. 1) Statistical multiplexing is most useful when the peak rate is close to the average rate 2) The changing of either the IP address or the name leads to an update of DNS. 3) TCP uses destination IP address and port number to identify the application layer process. 2
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