proj2 - ECS 152A Computer Networks Project 2 Collaborative...

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ECS 152A: Computer Networks Project 2 Collaborative Downloader on Android Platform Please read all sections of this document before you begin coding. In this project, you will develop a TCP based peer-to-peer architecture that allows several phones to collaboratively download a file from the Internet. For the sake of simplicity, we assume that one phone acts like a 'peer tracker', and all other phones are aware of its IP address and port in use before hand. All other clients will join the tracker phone first and the tracker phone will dispatch jobs among all the phones. You will develop a tracker app, and a peer app. The two kind of app should be able to communicate through a protocol you designed which enable them to collaborate. Your goal is to make sure that tracker got the full file. Objectives The goals of this project are to introduce you to protocol design and peer-to-peer architecture. Also you will utilize some advanced techniques in Android platform. Guidelines Please work on this project individually. Code sharing, and group work are forbidden. Offenders will be dealt with appropriately (see the policy information sheet from the
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proj2 - ECS 152A Computer Networks Project 2 Collaborative...

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