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Expository Writing - Expository Writing Expository Writing...

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Expository Writing Expository Writing : English 101:PA Vera Eliasova Spring 2009 Time and Place: MW 6 (5.35-6.55 pm), HCK 114, Douglass Campus Office: 135 George Street, 3 rd floor. Office Hours: Wednesday 2.30-3.45 pm or by appointment e-mail: [email protected] Course site: https://sakai.rutgers.edu Writing Program Website: https://wp.rutgers.edu COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND POLICIES: Required Texts : · Miller and Spellmeyer, The New Humanities Reader , 3 rd edition · Ruszkiewicz, Friend, Hairston, Handbook for Writers Course Requirements: · Read seven selections from The New Humanities Reader. · Write six out of class essays (5 full pages minimum length). · Submit typed Rough and Final drafts, font 12, double spaced, 1 inch margins. Only hard copies of drafts are accepted; they must be handed in personally on a due day. · Give three brief oral presentations in class, including one on grammar. · Take one in-class Final Exam (graded pass or fail). You must pass the final exam. · Complete and submit Peer Reviews and homework assignments in time. · Participate in group and class discussions. · Keep all Rough and Final Drafts in a separate folder. Policies : (Items below are Writing Program Policies) · Attendance . After four absences you risk failing the course. These four absences include sickness and documented emergencies . · Lateness . Missing more than 15 minutes of class counts as half an absence. · Submitting Papers. You are required to submit all six papers to pass. If you are two assignments behind, for any reason, you automatically fail the course. · Writing mechanics.
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Expository Writing - Expository Writing Expository Writing...

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