2nd Fall paper prompt

2nd Fall paper prompt - Intro to Sociology, Application...

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Intro to Sociology, Application Paper #2 (25 pts) Must be submitted electronically on Sakai and in hardcopy by Monday, December 15 th , 5pm *If you want your graded paper back, please attach a self-addressed, stamped envelope to it. *The December 4 th recitation will allow you to talk about and get help with your final paper. This paper gauges your ability to understand, analyze, and apply course theories, concepts, and topics. You must use the class notes, discussions, and readings. Additionally, you must use sociological terms and concepts accurately throughout your paper. I expect more sophistication and complexity in these arguments than I have expected for your analysis sheets or Paper 1. Your paper must be 5 - 6 double spaced pages (6-7 with the reference page) with 1 inch margins, 12 point font, and no cover page or folders. If you need assistance with writing skills, you are encouraged to refer to the “Reading and Writing Resources” folder on our Sakai site, or the Rutgers Writing Centers (http://wp.rutgers.edu/students/writing_centers_tutoring.html ). If I cannot understand your argument or analysis due to writing issues, you score will be affected. You will want to reread relevant articles before you formulate your response. Cite any quotes or concepts you use from the readings, including authors and page numbers in each citation. You do not need to cite my lecture/notes unless you use them verbatim. You may use outside sources if they are properly cited and included in the reference page. Do NOT use Wikipedia as a source. Attach a properly typed reference page to your paper (full citations are under “Resources/Reading and Writing Resources/Readings-Full Citations” on Sakai: you may simply copy/paste the sources you use): Citations in the reference page should follow this general style:
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2nd Fall paper prompt - Intro to Sociology, Application...

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