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Culture Sociology - Joleen Martis Intro to Sociology Application Paper#1 October 30th 2008 The Subculture in India Culture is"the complex system of

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Joleen Martis Intro to Sociology, Application Paper #1 October, 30 th , 2008 The Subculture in India Culture is the complex system of meaning and behavior that defines the way of life for a given group or society, including beliefs, values, knowledge, art, morals, laws, customs, habits, language, dress, etc. It gives shape to human experience” ( class notes,culture, week four). My name is Joleen Martis. I was born in Bombay, India and speak India’s national language, Hindi, yet I am still judged by my own culture. When meeting a fellow India or anyone for that matter, I often receive the question: Why don’t you have an Indian name? The reason being is because I am Roman Catholic. With the fact that I am Christian, I do not have a traditional Indian name but a non traditional name. In addition to explaining my name I then usually have to explain that I am Catholic and from India. In response, I usually then am always questioned: there are Indians who are Christian? Did you convert? Or I am even judged by other Indians by “not being a true Indian.” Although I am Indian people from my own culture do not accept me but look down upon me. Christianity has resided in India for many years. Christianity first came to India by way of St. Thomas. He came to Kerala, in southwestern India, and founded the first church (Asian info). The impact of Christianity was also brought by the Portuguese and British when they ruled over Indian. Throughout the years missionaries brought Christianity in hopes to spread the religion. Although Christianity was brought years before, it still has not been accepted in India today. Actually, many of the current Indians in India are not aware that there 1
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are Christian Indians. Christians are only a small portion of the population as a whole, 2 percent out of 1.1 billion (Bedi, R, Melbourne Catholic). Although the Indian society holds a culture of its own, it is governed by the main Hindu subculture opposed to the lesser Christian subculture. Many of the national holidays celebrated revolve around the Hindu culture. I celebrate holidays like Easter and Christmas in comparison to Hindu holidays like Diwali, the festival of lights, and Holi, the festival of colors. Since India is dominantly Hindu many of the people are vegetarians as I am non vegetarian. Much of my food is influenced by the Spanish and Portuguese whom integrated their traditions. My mother tongue is Konkani which is heavily inherited by Latin. As I stated before, I speak Hindi which is the national language; but most commonly people associate Hindi with the Hindu culture. Many people think because one is Hindu, they must speak Hindi since it was branched from the Hindu culture. The Indian culture holds many other
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Culture Sociology - Joleen Martis Intro to Sociology Application Paper#1 October 30th 2008 The Subculture in India Culture is"the complex system of

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