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soc paper 2 final - Joleen Martis Intro to Sociology, Final...

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Joleen Martis Intro to Sociology, Final Paper December 15, 2008 Best Buy’s Use of Sociology As a full time student attending Rutgers University I am also a full time employee at the electronic retail store Best Buy. “Best Buy Co., Inc. (Best Buy) is a specialty retailer of consumer electronics, home office products, entertainment software, appliances and related services” (New York Times). At Best Buy I hold the position of a customer assistant. What the role of a customer assistant essentially does is help out the customers throughout the store by answering questions, making decisions, and especially making sales. What is very sociologically interesting is that my job is based upon customer contact which is very influenced by assessing concepts in race, class, gender, and lifestyle. My job not only entails customer contact and analysis but also I am able to see the ways media shapes society and their strategies in presenting products. When I first was hired for the job I had a series of reading analyses and tests to accomplish as employee training. What these readings and tests reflected were not only product information but more so how we approach customers. We base much our approach to customers upon sociological lifestyles. What the program actually did was divide the typical customers into three categories of economic classes, then genders, and further more different races. We are then taught how to approach the many different variations of customers. While selling I use psychological and anthropological concepts that advise human nature and buying habits. 1
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Being that I am a young female, I do use my gender to my advantage. Men perceive women to be dumb founded when it comes to technology. But I use my gender as a female to hook the consumer. Women feel more relatable and feel I will understand their needs better. So while talking to females I will use a rapport style of speaking and selling. “Report-talk is the mode common to men, and its primary purpose is to communicate information. Rapport- talk is the mode common to women, with their focus primarily on the interaction itself” (Tannen, pg. 63). Men will talk to me based upon my gender and presentation ( looks) but then I further persuade with my knowledge of technology. Report-talk which is common with men is based upon getting things done and does not exert much emotion or feelings. So when some men way only approach me on the basis of my gender I will stun then with my knowledge and talk to them using report talk. I take advantage of my status as a female to persuade customers. I also use my ethnicity to make sales. Indians are generally very stingy with money and have troubles with trusting retailers and employees. By understanding my parent’s shopping habits I trigger the typical Indian consumer. Being that I am Indian, many
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soc paper 2 final - Joleen Martis Intro to Sociology, Final...

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