Week 3, Analysis Sheet 2- sociological perspectives and research

Week 3 Analysis - Name Analysis Sheet#2 Week 3 September 15 Sociological Perspectives and Research(5 pts After completing this week's readings

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Name_____________________________ Analysis Sheet #2 - Week 3, September 15: Sociological Perspectives and Research (5 pts) After completing this week’s readings, please thoroughly and thoughtfully answer the questions in about two singled-spaced pages, including the questions (around 4-7 sentences per question, though this will vary by question and how concisely you write). Write in your own words, using 12-point font and complete sentences. Check your grammar, spelling, and mechanics before submitting the assignment. 1. How does Becker suggest we do good science, knowing that we cannot help but take sides? Do you agree with Becker’s overall argument? Why or why not? 2. Compare the symbolic interactionist, functionalist, and conflict perspectives on a social issue/phenomenon that is of interest to you (Colomy). Thoughtfully discuss differences in the ways these three perspectives would approach the issue. 3.
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