Week 7, Analysis Sheet 6- deviance and social control

Week 7, Analysis Sheet 6- deviance and social control - our...

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Name_____________________________ Analysis Sheet #6 - Week 7, October 13: Deviance and Social Control (5 pts) After completing this week’s readings, please thoroughly and thoughtfully answer the questions in about two singled-spaced pages, including the questions (around 4-7 sentences per question, though this will vary by question and how concisely you write). Write in your own words, using 12-point font and complete sentences. Check your grammar, spelling, and mechanics before submitting the assignment. 1. Explain how Berger conceptualizes (defines) social control. Of the forms of social control he discusses, which ones have been the most and least effective at controlling your actions? Which ones have been the most effective in terms of you controlling others ’ actions? Explain your choices. 2. How do sociological understandings of gender socialization and cultural values inform
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Unformatted text preview: our interpretation of fatness and deviance in society (Levin)? 3. Explain how “definition of the situation” is connected to the way social control is enacted in Disney World. Aside from Disney World, where else can you see the type of social control discussed by Shearing and Stenning? 4. I like one of the questions proposed at the beginning of the Davis article, so answer: “How does identity with hustler norms facilitate entry into prostitution?” 5. Pick one to answer: a. Discuss a movie/show of your choice that takes a sociological perspective on deviance. What sociological lessons does the movie/show provide for its viewers and how does it do this? OR: b. Alternatively, you may look at some presidential candidate commercials for this year’s election (easily found on youtube) and discuss in detail the social control strategies these commercials use on viewers....
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