Week 8, Analysis Sheet 7- social stratification

Week 8, Analysis Sheet 7- social stratification - do you...

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Name_____________________________ Analysis Sheet #7 - Week 8, October 23: Social Stratification (5 pts) After completing this week’s readings, please thoroughly and thoughtfully answer the questions in about two singled-spaced pages, including the questions (around 4-7 sentences per question, though this will vary by question and how concisely you write). Write in your own words, using 12-point font and complete sentences. Check your grammar, spelling, and mechanics before submitting the assignment. 1. Do you agree with Gans’s overall assessment of the functions of poverty and its alternatives? Explain your choice. Can you think of any other functions and alternatives he missed? 2. With regard to the Mantsios article, how and to what degree
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Unformatted text preview: do you see poor people represented on television programs? How do these observations compare with Mantsios’s analysis? 3. “The Children of Affluence” was written in 1977. Do you think Coles’s assessment still holds true today? What things might be the same, and what might be different? 4. In Wolfe’s discussion of two groups that comprise the middle class, how and why do the beliefs, meanings, and ideologies of the two groups conflict? 5. Think of a song or poem that addresses issues of social stratification. Paste the lyrics/verses (you can usually find them on an internet site and just copy and paste them from there) into your analysis sheet and briefly discuss how the song or poem deals with the issue....
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