Week 9-10, Analysis Sheet 8- race and ethnicity

Week 9-10, Analysis Sheet 8- race and ethnicity - among...

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Name_____________________________ Analysis Sheet #8- Week 9-10, November 3: Race and Ethnicity (5 pts) After completing this week’s readings, please thoroughly and thoughtfully answer the questions in about two singled-spaced pages, including the questions (around 4-7 sentences per question, though this will vary by question and how concisely you write). Write in your own words, using 12-point font and complete sentences. Check your grammar, spelling, and mechanics before submitting the assignment. 1. What reasons do Ferrante and Brown give to argue racial classification of people is problematic? Which is the most compelling reason they provide? 2. Using Ferrante and Brown’s historical analysis of the U.S. Census, discuss how race is socially constructed. What can we learn from the particular ways race is presented in the Census? 3. Why is white racial privilege invisible/unrecognized, and how is it connected with disadvantages
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Unformatted text preview: among other races (McIntosh)? 4. What are some of the processes by which white racial identity is constructed and made salient, according to Gallagher? Can you think of any processes Gallagher doesn’t discuss? 5. a. Humor can be used both to reproduce and to challenge social conditions (e.g. by making fun of races vs. making fun of racist perceptions). Find an example of humor/comedy (e.g. a joke, skit, or story) that involves race and/or ethnicity. What is done to make the joke/skit/etc. humorous and how may it reproduce or challenge racial/ethnic conditions (or do both simultaneously)? Or: b. Find a recent news item that involves issues of race or ethnicity. How is race and/or ethnicity treated in this news item and what does that say about the ways race and ethnicity are perceived in our current social climate?...
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