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Week 14, Analysis Sheet 11- work and politics

Week 14, Analysis Sheet 11- work and politics - Can you...

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Name_____________________________ Analysis Sheet # 11- Week 14, December 1: Work and Politics (5 pts) After completing this week’s readings, please thoroughly and thoughtfully answer the questions in about two singled-spaced pages, including the questions (around 4-7 sentences per question, though this will vary by question and how concisely you write). Write in your own words, using 12-point font and complete sentences. Check your grammar, spelling, and mechanics before submitting the assignment. 1. Discuss the more interesting ideas/points you take from the Ehrenreich piece about the relationship between low-wage work, physical and mental health, and survival. 2. What is your reaction to the ways domestic workers in Romero’s piece attempt to transform the conditions of undervalued work?
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Unformatted text preview: Can you think of another case where people in undervalued professions use strategies to negotiate the conditions of work and resist disempowerment? 3. ( this question counts for 2 points ) Read some news/information to learn more about the recent economic events in the US regarding the collapse of certain financial institutions and the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (or government bailout). How does Mills’ discussion of the power elite connect with these current events? 4. Mills argues that some social institutions adapt to modern life, while others shape it (page 160). Think of and discuss a couple of ways (aside from Mills’ examples) political, economic, and military institutions shape other aspects of modern life....
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