Intro to Soc Syllabus Fall 2008(2)

Intro to Soc Syllabus Fall 2008(2) - Introduction to...

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Introduction to Sociology 920:101:R1 M/ Th, 10:55am - 12:15pm Th, 9:30 - 10:25am Classroom: Hickman Hall 119, Cook/Douglass Instructor: Susan Kremmel Office Hours: W 12 - 1pm, or by appointment Office: Lucy Stone Hall 208, Livingston Office Phone: 732-445-4039 Email: [email protected] (preferred contact method) “It can be said that the first wisdom of sociology is this – things are not what they seem.” ~Peter Berger Course Overview Whether we know anything about sociology or not, sociology goes on around us every day. It is the study of society and social groups; looking at how social forces external to individuals shape our actions and experiences of the world. Additionally, sociology is a way of life; a perspective of inquisition and consciousness that enriches our positions as members of society. This course is designed to introduce you to the theories, concepts, and areas of investigation that characterize sociological analyses. It will challenge you to understand the world and your own life from new and sometimes controversial perspectives. Course Objectives By the time the semester ends, you should be able to: Understand and apply sociological perspectives Apply sociological theories to everyday moments and events Understand the effects of society on our lives and interactions See how social life shapes the way we understand issues like race, class, and gender Understand the sociological significance of various social institutions in our lives Think critically and reflexively about your experiences in the social world Apply sociology to your own areas of study and interest Course Website- Sakai We have a Sakai website for our course that contains readings, assignments, grades, resources, etc. throughout the semester. All students must have access to Sakai to complete the course. Go to and log in using your Rutgers NetID and password. Then click the tab for our course site, “ Intro Soc Gateway F08 ” (If you don't have a NetID, get one at ). Please take some time to familiarize yourself with our course site. **IMPORTANT** I will use Sakai to send important emails and announcements to the class. It is important that you check Sakai frequently and, if you prefer a different email account, forward your Rutgers registered email address to that address (the default is your eden account). Any announcements you miss will be your responsibility. Please see me if you have concerns about computer access. 1 Student Contacts Name: ___________________________ Email: ___________________________ Phone: ___________________ Name: ___________________________ Email: ___________________________ Phone: ___________________
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Readings This class does not require a textbook. Your readings will be empirical and theoretical selections that represent a variety of sociological perspectives. Assigned readings are available through our course website on Sakai and must be completed by the beginning of the week under which they are listed. These readings can be viewed, saved, and printed by looking in the folder “ Intro Soc Gateway F08/ Resources/ Required Readings ,” and are subject to slight change at the notice of the instructor.
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Intro to Soc Syllabus Fall 2008(2) - Introduction to...

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