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1 I n t r o M a c r o N . S h e f l i n ASSIGNMENT 1 DUE BEFORE THE FIRST CLASS ON 5/26 NOTES By the end of this course you will: Be able to explain the causes of unemployment, output, inflation, recession, growth and the role of monetary and fiscal policy and the interaction with the international economy to your parents, date, or prospective employer. Be able to read about economic issues in the paper or online and discuss them with parents, relatives, friends, employers Understand how the financial system works and understand a bit about investing and personal finance and how it matters to macroeconomics Have a better idea about what to do in college, how to choose a major, career and graduate opportunities in economics Steps to Success (in Intro Macro at least): 1. BEFORE each class a. Look at the assignment for the class – under ASSIGNMENT in the RESOURCE tab of sakai b. Read the chapters and additional reading and do any applications c. Do the multiple choice homework questions also in sakai under HW in the RESOURCE tab in Sakai – circle the correct answers, use the discussion boards to ask questions about questions that you are having trouble with, and be prepared to be tested on these questions in class. d. Contribute to the BIG QUESTIONS WIKI for that class in Sakai, under Wikis if you are assigned to work on it for that class e. Review the homework answers and the solved/corrected WIKIs from the previous class 2. ASK QUESTIONS in class/ post or answer questions on discussion boards 3. TEST YOURSELF - Try to answer the big questions out loud – several times. Look at the end of chapter questions, review quizzes in the chapter, review the homework. Re-test yourself on old material often. Talk out loud to your roommate or cat. 4. KEEP UP with the course and GET INTERESTED by: a. reviewing class slides and homework each class day (don’t wait for the weekend or the end of the semester) b. reading a newspaper or online source daily, looking for macro or other articles relevant to what we are covering c. posting and answering discussion board questions d. contributing to and/or reading the WIKIs e. Discussing macro issues with attractive people KEY POINTS This assignment deals with the basic issues of economics and macroeconomics and supply and demand. If you haven’t had micro, don’t panic, we will cover everything you need for this course. We are jumping right into lots
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sumassign1 - 1 Intro Macro ASSIGNMENT 1 DUE BEFORE THE...

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