sumassign4 - Intro Macro ASSIGNMENT 4 N. Sheflin NOTES: We...

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I n t r o M a c r o N . S h e f l i n ASSIGNMENT 4 NOTES : We introduce Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve. Quiz 2 beginning of class Thursday – covers assignments 2 and 3 Multiple Choice HW 4 questions in Sakai You should be able to answer the following: Lots here, interesting, simple, important. You are responsible for only the SIMPLEST of t-accounts What’s money and why is it good (for the economy?) How is money created and controlled? How do banks ‘work’ and what do banks have to do with money? What’s leverage? Net worth? What’s the Fed? What determines interest rates? What’s the role of the financial system in the broader economy? How are banks and the financial system regulated? Investment Game –round 1 – buy something, read investopedia, get rich. READING Mankiw Brief chapter 11 (look at sakai for tale of contents of non-brief) Also, the Wikipedia entry is good on the history of money: Short, simple article on capital and leverage in banking at: Fed 101 Additional background at: Brief History and Background at Some Money Facts from PBS at U.S. Money History at The face of money – what’s on a bill at More, if you have the stamina The Federal Reserve Board of Governors Web Site Look at the American Currency Exhibit (Take the Tour) Some interesting pictures of early money at Fedpoints have great short introductions to various monetary policy topics. Look here: and look at Who We Are and What We Do Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Federal Open Market Committee Currency Processing and Destruction How Currency Gets into Circulation Federal Funds Rate
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480 And anything else that looks interesting Key points and Summary– read carefully before and after the homework. Definition and role of money
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sumassign4 - Intro Macro ASSIGNMENT 4 N. Sheflin NOTES: We...

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