sumassign7 - Intro Macro ASSIGNMENT 7 N. Sheflin NOTES:...

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I n t r o M a c r o N . S h e f l i n ASSIGNMENT 7 NOTES: Review of the financial system , introduction to some financial economics’ concepts and applications and review of some investment material. Choppy but important stuff. Note some of the HW questions are from the investment game rounds 1-2. __________________________ KEY POINTS 1. THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM Role of the financial system – channel resources from savers to investors Securities, Markets and Exchanges o Stocks, bonds mutual funds o NYSE, NASDAQ Regulation o SEC o Fed o FDIC o OCC o OTS o CFTC 2. SIMPLE FINANCIAL ECONOMICS CONCEPTS Present value, discounting, compounding **MOST IMPORTANT** Risk and return **IMPORTANT** Risk, insurance, diversification **IMPORTANT** Efficient markets and random walks **IMPORTANT** ‘Stock Picking’ Behavioral finance Adverse Selection and Moral hazard (look them up) Note i=r=interest rate COMPOUNDING AND DICOUNTING/PRESENT VALUE Future Value (FV) = Present Value (PV) x (1+i) n ex $100 in bank for 2 years at 10% = 100x(1+.1) 2 = 121 Present Value (PV) =Future Value (FV) / (1+i) n ex $121 in 2 years at 10% is equivalent to $100 today o The PV is the amount you could put in the bank today to grow to the FV in n years; i.e., we discount (remove) from the FV the interest that would have been earned over the n years. We discount because money earns INTEREST and whenever we must compare money in
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sumassign7 - Intro Macro ASSIGNMENT 7 N. Sheflin NOTES:...

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