sumassign10 - Intro Macro ASSIGNMENT 10 N. Sheflin NOTES:...

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I n t r o M a c r o N . S h e f l i n ASSIGNMENT 10 NOTES : The VERY Long Run and Economic Growth; Presidential Game; Investment Game – Round 4 – Bonds; Quiz 5 Thursday DUE Thursday 6/25 before class FINAL EXAM - The final is in class Thursday, July 2, 2009 6pm. Do Not Miss It. Final Exam – 600 points - 75 multiple choice and 50 written ‘fill-in’ questions both drawn from the homework and weekly quizzes. No surprises, except for how much material we have covered. See the Review Guide and Essential Questions for study information and tips. I will try to schedule a Q&A session for Wednesday 7/1 – time will be based on poll in class to find best time. I have posted a discussion board to help with setting up student study groups, and another for questions re the final like: “I looked up the paradox of thrift, but still don’t understand the punchline” I would start studying now, by reviewing the big questions from assignment 8, 7, 6 etc and looking at the wiki answers. Look at the questions (with answers hidden), answer out loud, check against wiki answer, hide wiki answer, try again. DO NOT JUST READ -- that is not studying. Review the hw Q&A, but do not try to memorize – there are too many questions, they will be changed somewhat on the exam, nad it is a waste of your time. Focus on the Essential Questions and the Review Guide (posted in Sakai) READING Mankiw - 7, 18- just the sections on Balancing the Budget and Changing the Tax Laws Schumpeter KEY POINTS Growth - Pro and Con Limits to growth - Malthus Facts of Growth Productivity and Growth Growth Issues and Policies – essential** Growth Theories NOTES Economic growth generally refers to sustained, long-run increases in the real output per person (shifts in the aggregate supply curve to the right over time). o
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sumassign10 - Intro Macro ASSIGNMENT 10 N. Sheflin NOTES:...

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