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Jacqueline King LETTERHEAD March 30, 2010 Wendy Warren Editor Philadelphia Inquirer P.O. Box 8263 Philadelphia, PA 19130 Dear Ms. Warren: A seventeen-year-old boy from Perth Amboy, N.J., worked sweeping the floors of his cousin’s record studio and dreamed of recording his own music one day. He dreamed of ditching his mop for a microphone and trading his late nights of playing in smoky bars for a record deal. With the help of after school and music programs, this boy became a household name. Singing songs titled “Living On a Prayer,” “It’s My Life”, and “Lost Highway,” selling out concerts and playing for the president, Jon Bon Jovi has won over the hearts of millions. But he never forgot his roots. I believe this story would be ideal for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Bon Jovi, an avid sports fan, recently donated $25,000 to Team Bedrock, a $2.5 million fundraising campaign for new additions to Flintstone Park in Bedrock, N.J. Bon Jovi, in hopes to help young teens achieve their own dreams, agreed to the donation on the condition that the money will
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