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ADV 225 Assignment 4 - LETTERHEAD Mr David Burger The Salt...

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LETTERHEAD March 15, 2011 Mr. David Burger The Salt Lake Tribune 90 S. 400 West, Suite 700 Salt Lake City, UT 84101 Dear Mr. Burger: The Neon Trees started their band in 2005 and, over time, changed and improved it. They were able to make themselves successful through time, change and the help of other bands, like The Killers. Now, the Neon Trees wants to help the Agate Theater improve so that the Mountain Agate Theater Company can become more successful. The Salt Lake Tribune should write a story about the Neon Trees because they have agreed to perform at the Bedrock Center for the Performing Arts to help renovate the Agate Theater. Since you write about music, this story could be of interest to you. The Neon Trees will be donating a hundred percent of the proceeds to the campaign to renovate the Agate Theater. Wilma Flintstone is the owner of the Bedrock Center for Performing Arts, which contains the Agate Theater. The Agate Theater currently seats
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