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ADV 225 Major Assignment A - Sam Slagheap artistic director...

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Karen Kolasinski LETTERHEAD March 1, 2011 Mr. Donny and Ms. Marie Osmond Wasatch Talent Agency 6677 Peaksview Ave. Salt Lake City, UT 89001 Dear Mr. and Ms. Osmond: Thank you for the generous donation of $225,000 to help the expansion of the Agate Theater. I was sad to hear you could not perform at the Agate Theater Benefit Concert, but I am grateful that you two still want to help the cause. I decided to rename the Agate Theater in honor of the Osmond family. When we complete the renovations, the theater will be the “Osmond Auditorium.” I hope that you will accept this honor and agree to allow us to name the theater after you. We would appreciate if you could come to the opening day of the “Osmond Auditorium.“ We would love for you to be our guests of honor at the inauguration of the new theater. It will be held on July 23.
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Unformatted text preview: Sam Slagheap, artistic director, and I have been working hard to earn money to expand the theater, and now, because of you two, our dream is starting to feel like it will become a reality. Slagheap would love to be able to seat more people so that he can hold bigger and better performances at the theater. The theater currently seats 670, but after we earn $3.45 million, we will be able to expand it so it will seat 1,750. These renovations are thrilling to all of us at the Bedrock Center for Performing Arts. Thank you again for the generous donation. We would love for you to still attend the Agate Theater Benefit Concert to support the cause, as well as the Neon Trees. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. Sincerely, Wilma Flintstone Owner Bedrock Center for Performing Arts...
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