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C OM 391 E XAM 1 R EVIEW S HEET D EFINING S EX ENDER Distinctions between biological sex and gender Gender as a transitional definition W EST IMMERMAN S “D OING G ENDER Ethnomethodological approach, Description of gender Definitions of sex, sex category and gender Descriptions and examples of marked vs. unmarked T HEORETICAL A PPROACHES Description of theory, descriptions & distinctions between: Biological, Psychodynamic, Social learning, Cognitive Development, Work of Margaret Mead & anthropological theories C OLAPINTO , C ASE OF J OHN /J OAN Reasons feminists originally supported the case Characteristics of John Money Definition of intersexuality Discussion of Money’s medical recommendation, Reiner’s research F ALUDI
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Unformatted text preview: , B ACKLASH ; W OMEN S AND M EN S M OVEMENTS Descriptions of backlash and tilted corkscrew, Discussion of each wave and Backlash Crisis of masculinity, homosocial institutions, Brannons 4 Rules of Manhood Descriptions of Profeminist men, Free Men, Mythopoetic Men Promise Keepers and the Million Man March S CHWALBE , S EARCH FOR C OMMUNITAS Introduction, 4 suggestions, goals of mythopoetic men, Descriptions of communitas and spontaneous communitas Topics of talk, forms of talk, Examples/descriptions of rituals 2 ironies H OCHSCHILD , S ECOND S HIFT Influence of outside forces, stalled revolution Levingers findings, description of happy marriage Leisure gap, All findings Discussion of governmental policies *Remember the Kane article was switched and moved to the next unit of material...
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