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Com 391 Exam 2 Review sheet - RAY S M ARS & V ENUS ,...

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C OM 391 E XAM 2 R EVIEW S HEET K ANE , N O WAY MY SON 2 patterns of gender typing, data and method T ANNEN , Y OU JUST DON T U NDERSTAND World of status versus connection, asymmetries, troubles talk, problem solving Distinctions between men’s and women’s speech communities Fulfs and Goldsmith’s main claim and critiques V ERBAL C OMMUNICATION N ONVERBAL C OMMUNICATION Description of nonverbal communication, all description of functions of nonverbal Artifacts, haptics, paralinguistics, facial expressiveness, sex differences in paralinguistics Hall’s meta-analysis findings S ALTZBERG , B EAUTY IS THE B EAST Shedding and retaining femininity; defining beauty; Discussions of: Chinese foot binding, Mid 19 th century, and 20 th century beauty; Descriptions of costs of beauty and outcomes F EIN CHNEIDER S “T HE R ULES ”, G
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Unformatted text preview: RAY S M ARS & V ENUS , Credentials of authors, example rules and assumptions Supporting and contradictory research, Grays credentials How women and men cope with stress, The demand-withdrawal pattern and research Findings from Canary & Hause K IMMEL , G ENDERED C LASSROOM Description of traditional education, the gendered classroom & what children see What about the boys?, school as a gendered workplace, Discussion of Tidballs study T HORNE , G IRLS & B OYS T OGETHER Main claim, descriptions of girls and boys separate worlds Problems with separate worlds approach, daily processes of sex segregation Borderwork, descriptions of heterosexual meaning Characteristics of contexts where they interact without strain M ESSNER , B OYHOOD & O RGANIZED S PORTS Gender identity, methodology, descriptions of boyhood & fathers Intimate ambivalence, elective affinity, conditional self-worth, Status similarities & differences...
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