Spring 2011 Syllabus ED 815 Sec 3

Spring 2011 Syllabus ED 815 Sec 3 - 1 DEPARTMENT OF...

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D EPARTMENT OF C URRICULUM , I NSTRUCTION AND T ECHNOLOGY IN E DUCATION ED 815 (003): L ANGUAGE IN S OCIETY CRN: 064154 S PRING 2011 S YLLABUS Dr. Santoi Wagner Office location and phone: 469 Ritter Hall (phone tba) [email protected] Office hours: Mon 2-4pm, and by appointment Class (section 003) meets MWF 11am-11.50am, Ritter Hall 106 Course description : The purpose of this course is to use scientific methods to challenge common myths and beliefs about language and to help students gain a better understanding of how language works as human behavior. The main objectives of the course are to help students: (1) expand their knowledge about diversity of the world languages, bi- and multilingualism, and language structure, learning, and use; (2) develop their ability to collect, analyze, and interpret language data using a variety of approaches and methodologies; (3) reflect critically on language issues and learn to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts, making informed decisions about language and education policies, and intercultural communication in the workplace. In addition, students completing this course will demonstrate enhanced information literacy skills in locating, accessing, evaluating, and using information of various kinds, including both primary and secondary sources, scholarly and popular sources, and in documenting sources used to fashion their arguments. Course readings : (required) (1) Yule, G. (2010). The study of language (4 th Ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN-10: 0521749220, ISBN-13: 978-0521749220. [referred to as “Yule”] (2) MacNeil, R., & Cran, W. (2005). Do you speak American ? New York: Harcourt. ISBN-10: 0156032880, ISBN-13: 978-0156032889. [referred to as “DYSA”] Additional assigned readings will be posted on Blackboard or on E-Reserve. Course expectations and policies : All participants in this course will show mutual respect for one another and for course instructors and guest speakers at all times. Students are expected to arrive to class on time, prepared to participate actively in class discussions and activities, and to share the responsibilities of collaborative projects. All assignments must be turned in on the date they are due unless I give permission before the due date for a late submission. Do not wait until after the due date. Please do not ask for an extension unless there is an extreme situation. When an extension has not been granted, grades on assignments will be lowered because of lateness (one grade for each day late, e.g., B to B-). It is important that you let me know if you have questions about the concepts and assignments being discussed. Please come and see me in office hours with questions if raising them in class is difficult. I will email the class with reminders about assignments, readings, and other issues related to
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Spring 2011 Syllabus ED 815 Sec 3 - 1 DEPARTMENT OF...

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