fem - "First Wave" of feminism: mid-19th century (although...

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First Wave” of feminism : mid-19 th century (although there were ideas that went back to the 1700’s, when women begin to develop a feminist consciousness : recognition that they were treated unequally as a group and this inequality was a social creation that didn’t need to exist. o Inequality in general was a common theme, which is why so many women joined together to fight for the abolition of slavery in the US, along with holding conferences on women’s rights. o What was the big issue after the civil war? Enfranchisement voting. Civil war got constitutional amendment (15 th ) that said couldn’t discriminate for voting on basis of race, color, or having been a slave—but didn’t say anything about sex. We won’t really go into, but when did US women eventually get the right to vote? 1920, the 19 th amendment. Didn’t solve all of the problems though… Second Wave” of feminism : largely seen as starting in 1963 with Betty Friedan’s Feminist Mystique
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fem - "First Wave" of feminism: mid-19th century (although...

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