eng 701 - English 701: Introduction to Academic Discourse...

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English 701: Introduction to Academic Discourse Gender Differences Fall 2010, Section 8, Section 24 and Section 32 Professor: Dr. Whitley Cooke Office: Anderson Hall 1148 E-Mail: [email protected] Office Hours: MW 11 - !2:30 Cell Phone voice mail: 484-529-7068 Blackboard: http://blackboard.temple.edu or tuportal Required Texts : Groner, Rachael and John O’Hara. Eds. Composing Gender . Boston: Bedford/St. Martin Press, 2009. Wolff, Tobias. This Boy’s Life. New York: Grove Press, 1989. ISBN 9780802136688 Hacker, Diana. A Pocket Style Manual . New York: Bedford St. Martins, latest edition. (If you have a different manual I must approve it.) Required Material: A two-pocket folder. This is a simple folder—heavy paper bond, not plastic. A standard sized notebook with perforated pages that can be easily and neatly removed so you can turn the pages in to me. This will be for in-class assignments. A computer external storage device: CD, or USB. Course Description and Goals : This is a course designed to introduce students to the ways of writing, reading, and speaking in college. This is not a grammar course and you will not be exposed to drills and memorized rules. It will not teach you a simple formula for writing that you can apply in every class; there is no such thing. What you will learn is that academic writing is an open-ended and demanding process that is not necessarily separable from the reading writers do or the conversations they have about ideas and language. You will get frustrated from time to time because there seem to be so few right answers and that you will always have to do more work to clarify sentences, sharpen assertions and support you main ideas. However, if you put forth a strong effort, you just may find this course interesting and challenging, and useful for any future course you have or even in your daily life. This semester we are going to take a look at gender and gender roles in American culture. We will be using gender as the topic of our course because it is both relatively simple (everybody has one) and extremely complex in terms of how gender impacts people’s lives and identities, feelings and behaviors. While gender will be the topic of our semester-long discussion, our focus will be on developing the reading and writing skills you will need to achieve in college. You must therefore be prepared to do a considerable amount of work in this class, to read carefully and take notes on each reading assigned. You must revise the essays you will write many times throughout the term. The aim of the course is not to advance any one position on gender roles and gendered behaviors. Rather, we will be using the subject as an exercise in critical thinking, and students are not only encouraged but expected to challenge some of the positions expressed in the assigned texts. By the end of the course you will be asked to apply the ideas you have learned from the readings, to discuss critically the concepts studied, and to write about gender
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eng 701 - English 701: Introduction to Academic Discourse...

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