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Add To Your Portfolio: Chapter 1 In the middle of the semester before spring break, I decided I would meet up with my English teacher for further consultation for one of my essays. I did not really understand what was expected of me, and what I did wrong on my first essay, so I decided to ask her what I could do to further improve my writing and my future essays. The tips that she gave me were not only to make more appointments with her in the future but to also go to the Writing Center at Milledge Hall and ask for consultation from exceptional writers, as well as ask my peers and fellow classmates to peer review my essays and take the time to really look at the tips and comments that have been made so that I can apply that to my
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Unformatted text preview: writing. My teacher also told me about my absences and told me where I stand in the class grade-wise. She also commented on what I can do to make my grade better: participate more, etc. I realized after I met up with my English teacher that she was very helpful and it made it easier to talk to her about certain things I had to do and any problems that I had with work, or any mishaps with turning work in. Overall I learned that you should not be intimidated by their teachers just because you hear that teachers are heartless in college, but if you take the time out to not only get to know them and ask for help, you will learn that they are going to help you out, but only if you take it upon yourself to ask for the help....
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