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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - These 10 pages should take about an hour to do...

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Add To Your Portfolio: Chapter 5 French: The professor expected us to turn in all our homework on time, complete all the workbook exercises, and participate in class, as well as composition and oral exercises. I received the syllabus which had all this information, I talked to classmates, and listened in class. For my workbook exercises, I decided I would divide the number of pages I would do by week, in between due date, I have about 4 weeks and about 40 pages, so I would divide it by 10 pages.
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Unformatted text preview: These 10 pages should take about an hour to do every week. Psychology: One of the big tasks we have to do are called “Connect Modules”. Before we do these Modules it tells us an approximation of how long these exercises take to do every time. Every class I would take the time to do some of these practice modules because they would help me study very well. These modules usually take around 30 minutes to do for each one to do. Since they do not take long to do, I will do it all at once....
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