Chapter 7 - but the one class I could not get motivated for...

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Add To Your Portfolio: Chapter 7 1. Short Term Goal: Read over the chapter we go over in the next Psychology class. Intermediate Goal: Go visit the Writing Center at Milledge Hall at least once a week to help with my English homework/essays Long Term Goal: I want to achieve a GPA of at least 3.5 by next semester. Together, me and my classmate came to the conclusion that all of these goals are within reach, and realistic, believable, measurable, and of course desirable. 2. I was motivated in all of my classes Psychology, English, Learning to Learn, and French,
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Unformatted text preview: but the one class I could not get motivated for was Pre-Calculus, hence the reason it was dropped. Occasionally I would get discouraged if I did not get the grade that I desired, but I had to stay positive, and when I did this, I would almost always get a better grade the next time. I would If I stay positive, and motivate myself I will be able to get jobs that I desire in the future....
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