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Trisha James 2/1/2011 Freshman Seminar- Foodway Elissa Henken My Aunt's Carrot Cake The food that is significant to me and my family during Christmas time is my Auntie Drene's carrot cake. My aunt cooks her infamous carrot cake every Christmas whenever she comes down from Philadelphia to Atlanta. My aunt has always been one of the best cooks in the family, and when she moved to the United States, she learned how to make American dishes, such as the carrot cake. We
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Unformatted text preview: usually eat it at the end of our yearly Christmas feast for dessert. This has become a very significant part of our Christmas, because as long as I can remember my Aunt has always cooked her carrot cake. The cake incorporates spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, and shredded carrots. My favorite part of the carrot cake is the homemade icing, which is made with cream cheese of all things, but it never fails to have that sugary touch....
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