Ancient Greece - Ancient Greece Homor's Odyssey and Iliad...

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Ancient Greece Homor's Odyssey and Iliad; Hesiod's Thoegony – the origin (genealogy) of greek god used greek to help preserve their stories. chaos to uranos(space) and Gaea(mother earth) to Chronos (time), (rhea is the wife of chronos the ground), titans (giantic gods) monsters, furies(dreadful evil godesses). Uranos and Chronos fueded each other. Night was the mistress and uranos went to her since Gaea was making undesirable creatures like time. Chronos goes to Uranos and Uranos ampulates the male genitals. The sevred organ inpregants the earth Aphrodites is born which is the god of beauty and she is the first good god. Chronos gives birth to many more gods. Chronos and rhea give birth to Hestia(fire) , Demeter (god of the field, agriculture), Poseidon (god of sea), Hades(god of the underworld), and Hera(goddess of birth, motherhood, wifehood, domestic well being). Chronos ate all of them. Rhea runs away from to crebe ,island off of greece, and hides herself and gives the birth of another god safely, zeus. Zeus had a very humble beginning. When Chronos found rhea and zeus, rhea gave him a stone wrapped up. Chronos eat it. This shows that Chronos is stupid (time is stupid and glutanous.) Zeus in turn gives birth to Apollo, Hephaestus, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Hermes, and Dinysus Zeus goes from mountain god to supreme god Zeus -space, nature, regularity, symmetry, and cyclical, repeatable, eternity, no beginning-no end, stable, static Chronos- time, history, irregularity, asymmetry, linear (undesirable), irrepeatable, ephemerality,
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Ancient Greece - Ancient Greece Homor's Odyssey and Iliad...

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