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Vishal M Patel (848) 391 – 4662 405 Plainfield Ave. [email protected] I’d like to join Delta Epsilon Psi in order to understand true meaning behind the word brotherhood. I understand that in a fraternity I am not only seeking help of others, the others will also seek help from me. I am prepared to offer every service I may provide. Just to list some ways I am able to help the frat is that I am good at academics, therefore I may help others if they require extra help in certain subjects such as physics, calculus, and any engineering course I may have already taken. I also am very willing in order to help, as seen on my resume; I have a variety of volunteer experience ranging from the hospital to Key Club. The fraternity would also be able to help me in a various amount of ways. The fraternity itself helps me by giving me a second family I’d be able to rely on for help, also the fact that we
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Unformatted text preview: can use each other for help in academics and such. I’m trying to become an engineer so the most the classes will be very time consuming that I may not be able to completely focus on some, so the extra help from brothers might be very useful for me. It would also help me by being part of an organization like this brings along its own prestige. I want to join this fraternity not only for the great parties thrown, but also for the fact that “we [Delta Epsilon Psi] do not turn boys into men, we turn men into leaders.” I would like to be a leader in a sense that I will be more charismatic with my actions as well as being able to academically succeed, and I believe that this fraternity will be able to help me to do so....
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  • Fraternities and sororities, Fraternal and service organizations, Delta Epsilon Psi, Plainfield Ave. vishalpatel1992

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