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V. Patel 1 Vishal Patel Final Draft Expository Writing I Jason Gulya Monkey See, Monkey Do By being a building block of society, an individual is influenced by the final masterpiece called society. There is a relationship between an individual and their respective surroundings, which is shown by an individual’s behavior being influenced by the environment they are in. Leila Ahmed writes about this very idea in On Becoming An Arab with Leila Ahmed herself being the main character in her essay and she talks about how she misunderstood the idea of being an “Arab.” Jon Krakauer in Into the Wild and Malcolm Gladwell in “The Power of Context: Bernie Goetz and the Rise and Fall of New York City Crime,” both are able to portray this idea as well. In Krakauer’s work, the main character Chris McCandless had escaped society and ventured into the wild, in which his behavior had been constantly influenced by the environment. Gladwell had put an example of Bernie Goetz in his essay, however, Gladwell’s work is used more to explain the idea of “The Power of Context,” the idea that an individual’s actions are based on social context. All three of these works have a different basis for influence on an individual, and all of the characters from each respond differently to their respective influences, but in the end they all have the same outcome, the acceptance of society. Society’s has had an influence on all the characters from each of the works, for both Bernie Goetz and Leila Ahmed it had started quite early, but for Chris McCandless it is truly unknown. Goetz had been the center of society’s harshness even at an early age, “At school, he was the one teased by classmates, the last one picked for school games, a lonely child who would often leave school in tears” (Gladwell 241). The fact that he was picked on in such a way gives the recognition of the influence towards his opposition to society. The idea that he was a social
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V. Patel 2 outcast had followed him all the way to his older age, and in a way may have influenced him to yet again be the one who was on the opposite side of society’s ideas. During his actions which labeled him a criminal, he had been the only one sitting next to the four young men he’d shot because “there were about twenty people in the car, but most sat at the other end, avoiding the four teenagers” (Gladwell 234). Even though that every passenger had been avoiding the teenagers, Goetz still decides to sit with them and be opposite of society’s ideas. Goetz had seemed to have been pushed out of society due to its influence; however, Ahmed is exactly the opposite. Her influence had also begun at a young age, according to the essay it shows that her first influence was in school, “‘You’re an Arab!’ she finally screamed at me. ‘An Arab! And you don’t know your own language!’” (Ahmed 26). Her teacher, someone who most children believe
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Final Draft Paper 3 - V Patel 1 Vishal Patel Final Draft...

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